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Let us help you turn "Home Sweet Home" into "Home Safe Home" with our security solutions for your PC's at home.

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Businesses are under attack every day. Protect your valuable business assets and interests with our comprehensive business security solutions.

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The Smartest Online Protection for your PC.

Includes advanced ransomware protection against current threats

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Watchdog Anti-Malware is a second-layer, second-opinion cloud-based multi-ingine malware scanner with real-time protection designed to protect your computer from malware that your primary anti-virus misses.

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Multi-Engine Scanner

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Fast Scanning & Malware Removal

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Surf Safely And Untracked

We Keep You Protected, Wherever You’re Connected

Real Time Protection with Advanced Malware Detection and Removal

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Watchdog Development Certifications

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Watchdog Anti-Malware

  • mrg effitas certification
  • mrg effitas certification
  • mrg effitas certification
  • mrg effitas certification

We Keep You Protected,
Wherever You're Connected

Tailor-made security solutions for your family