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Watchdog Anti-Malware

In 2014, more than 317 million new malware threats were released. Not all anti-virus engines can detect all threats, so only using one anti-virus engine is no longer sufficient in today's world. Only by using multi-engine scanning technology can you ensure that no threat goes undetected. That’s why Watchdog Anti-Malware uses several different scanning engines to maximize your security. Watchdog Anti-Malware is extremely light on resources and will not conflict with any installed anti-virus software.

Watchdog Privacy Guard

These days only protecting your computer with anti-virus is not enough. You also need to protect yourself whenever you are online. Your privacy is very important as your personal data, finances, health information and more are at risk. Criminals and governments spare no expense in collecting vast amounts of data about you in order to further their agenda. Watchdog Privacy Guard helps stop them in their tracks.